This blog talks about one of the world’s largest Social Media networks: Twitter. Known as the “second one” in the scene, Twitter has come a long way from when it was launched back in 2006. Now with a user base of about 1+ billion, it has no plans of slowing down.

You’ll learn how humble that beginning really was. The founders and their team were horsing around at a playground in San Francisco (of all places!) and while positioned at the very top of a kid’s slide, the very idea of Twitter was born. Fast forward to 2016 and they have multiple offices around the world and while that slide and playground remains a distant memory, it will undoubtedly also serve as a reminder of the Social Media giant’s roots.

Twitter has taken over the world. From important matters that have profound effects on people’s lives to musicians and celebrities, Twitter has proven to be an important platform for anyone and everyone. As a blog post on Twitter accounts with the most followers will highlight, important figures such as Barack Obama to Justin Bieber each command a fan base of millions and millions of followers. This has cemented Twitter to be a platform that literally attracts the masses from young teenage girls to the older and more mature crowd who follow political issues.

We also take a look at some astronomical numbers from the number of users to the number of Tweets, to the number of retweets. Do you know that the most retweeted picture is on Twitter today, boasting more than 3 million retweets? Do you know who garnered 1 million followers in as little as 4 hours and some minutes? Do you know how many tweets are being sent on a daily basis? Yep – we cover all these amazing statistics, and then some.

What about the other popular Social Media platforms out there today? Well, lucky for you, we do a comparison in terms of the number of registered users and active users each platform claims to have. We look at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and of course, Twitter. While we’re sure you can guess who rules the Social Media Kingdom, stats around the number of accounts which are actively using their accounts versus those who aren’t is quite interesting. Just because a website has millions and millions of users doesn’t mean those users are actually engaged and using the service.

We also outline some pretty interesting facts about Twitter including the ‘Fail Whale’ – ever heard of it? Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’re likely not the only one who hasn’t. But do you know what the cute little bird’s name is? Do you know what Twitter’s original logo looked like? These are just some of the questions that we answer as we look back at some interesting facts behind Twitter’s history.

We’ve got a pretty interesting bunch of posts on this Social Media giant and we hope you enjoy learning new and interesting facts about the platform. That way next time you’re tweeting, you can gain new appreciation about where they came from and where they’re headed – there’s surely a lot more to come!