We ALL live on Social Media, whether people like to admit it or not, we are so addicted that we’ve created verbs out of them… Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming… etc. Here’s a look at how a mere 140 characters per post compares to some of today’s heavy competitors in the Social Media field:


It’s no surprise that Facebook is the number 1 Social Media network in the world. With CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the helm of an initiative which makes Facebook and other sites available for free in some third world countries, its popularity will undoubtedly only keep growing. It launched back in February 2004 and now boasts about 2+ billion registered users on its platform… that’s pretty darn close to a third of the world’s population! While only about 1.6+ billion of those users are reported as being active, that’s still way ahead of the other Social Media platforms on this list!




While Instagram only has about a third of the number of Facebook’s registered users, almost all of them are active on the platform. That’s a lot of selfies, food pics, dog pics, and anything else you can think of that people like to share with their friends online. Acquired by Facebook in 2012 for about $1 billion, the two are now like BFFs (best friends forever) where you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook account, advertise on both platforms in one seamless process, etc. With Facebook calling the shots, I’m sure bigger and better things (and filters) are on their way!


While Twitter reports that they have over 1 billion registered users, only about 30% of them are active. While its biggest competitor, Facebook, has tried a few times to buy Twitter, it turned downs its offers (maybe in 140 characters or less?) With about a decade under its Social Media belt, the idea behind Twitter is to consume information in a condensed form. While we see a lot of images on Twitter, users usually scan through tweets quickly… taking in as much as possible in a lot less time than it would take on Facebook. The tone and demographic also seem to be a tad different, which may explain the difference of active users between Twitter and Facebook.


Dubbed as the “professional version” of Facebook, LinkedIn has roughly 433 million registered users, but only about 100 million are actively using their accounts. I think that’s likely due to the fact that when LinkedIn became a huge hit, a lot of people signed up for accounts but found the content and community to be a lot less engaging than other Social Media platforms. Either they’re a younger crowd or not as driven to build their professional network, they abandoned their accounts. There is a place for LinkedIn though, so don’t count on it to go away anytime soon! 



Another site which has about 100% of its registered users (100+ million) actively using their accounts. This isn’t surprising – it’s such an easy concept: you find something, you pin it. It’s much like being back in the day where you had a corkboard and you pinned important things to it, Pinterest is the online version of that. While the demographic is likely women, that’s still an impressive command of users from around the world! Sharing ideas and interests with one another… this is another place on the world wide web which can get you lost for hours!

While each of these platforms boast some impressive numbers in terms of the numbers of users, each have their own audience and use. It’ll be interesting to see how different these numbers will be like in the next decade!

You’ll learn how humble that beginning really was. The founders and their team were horsing around at a playground in San Francisco (of all places!) and while positioned at the very top of a kid’s slide, the very idea of Twitter was born. Fast forward to 2016 and they have multiple offices around the world and while that slide and playground remains a distant memory,

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