There are so many funny people to follow on Twitter that I had to make two posts to list the top ones I have seen!  I really could probably make 10 posts.  There is all different kinds of humor, so some of them might not be your taste but others might.  Many unknown people have a great sense of humor and a way with words.  So when you need a little laugh check these folks out.   Below I have some of my favorites that are worth taking a look at.

  • (((Michael))) @home_halfway

This guy is quite amusing.  He has these little 140 character “stories” and quotes that can crack you up.  They are out there for sure and he has a good play on words.  Here are a few that I found amusing to give you an idea: “My Aunt says I’m so cute she could just eat me up, but when I put my toe in her mouth & screamed ‘chew me’ she freaked out. Stupid Aunt Judy”.  “Adele needs to write more songs about pavement”. Really where does he come up with this stuff!  He must crack himself up!


  • Manual 2 Restaurant @Mangal

This is an actual restaurant apparently in London.  These guys are quite funny!  They having some very amusing tweets.  I hope their restaurant is as good as their tweets are!  Here are a few from @mangal: “25k follower. Not bad for a restaurant with only 77 Trip Advisor reviews, 9 of which I had to bribe close friends for to our average up.”  Another relevant funny post they recently had was “For those playing Pokemon Go, we have an infinite number of ‘Kebabisaur’ raiding our restaurant.  The rarest of Pokemon.  Lure it with cash”. If you play or are familiar with Pokemon Go you are probably laughing so hard you are crying right now.

  • The Answer is No @yourtitlesucks

This amusing Twitter account answers headlines for you.  They take real headline questions from news outlets retweets them and answers them.  It is an amusing Twitter account to follow.  Here are a couple of samples for you:  “No. RT @vice: Is the United Nations about to call for the decriminalization of drugs” and “No. RT @usatoday: Weight Watchers has been around forever. But does it work?”

  • Jenny Johnson @jennyjohnsonHI5

This comedian and writer is quite amusing.  She posts random comments that are quite amusing.  Here are a few to give you a sense of her tweets:  “I wonder if Taylor Swift made that surprised face she always makes when her fans applaud after she performs at one of her concerts.” & “ Breaking news: Only the best movies begin with ‘Honey, I shrunk the …’” & “Thank you for my nomination for Best Actress in A Hotel Room Pretending to be on the phone so the room service person won’t know I’m Drunk.”  Random funny stuff!


  • Honest Toddler @HonestToddler

This Twitter account is quite amusing.  It’s funny whether you have kids or not.   If you have kids you will find it even funnier. It’s random sayings that are just amusing and relatively harmless.  Here are a few samples to give you an idea: “Does Britain and the European Union splitting up mean everyone there gets two Christmases?” & “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.  Of all the things I’ve broken, your spirit was the most rewarding love u” & “Still don’t have a swing set.  Forced to go to the park like a rat-faced commoner” (this one has a picture of a park with it).  These tweets are just funny odd things that one might wonder is your toddler thinking?!

There are so many other funny people tweeting on Twitter so get out there and look around.  It’s something to brighten up your day!

You’ll learn how humble that beginning really was. The founders and their team were horsing around at a playground in San Francisco (of all places!) and while positioned at the very top of a kid’s slide, the very idea of Twitter was born. Fast forward to 2016 and they have multiple offices around the world and while that slide and playground remains a distant memory,

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